1. If you have Android version 9 or lower - go directly to the second step. If you have Android 10+, then you must first switch the application to use an external folder, in which you can replace:

- in the phone settings, we give Mi Home permission to access external storage;

- create a folder / INTERNAL_MEMORY / vevs / files /;

- completely stop Mi Home, the safest way to do this is through the phone settings, tk. simply "swipe" from recent applications does not work on all devices;

- launch Mi Home again, update the device states by swiping from top to bottom on the main screen and check that auxiliary files have started to appear in the folder created in the previous step. If this did not happen, it is pointless to move on, figure out what you did wrong.


2. Launch the original plug-in by clicking on the device card, and be sure to wait until the interface for managing your device is downloaded and launched. After successful launch of the plug-in, we return to the main program window.


3. Press and hold the device card on the main screen, in the menu that appears below, select "Change name", in the window that appears, remember / copy the "Plugin ID" item (7 digits) to the clipboard, we will need it further.


4. Completely stop Mi Home, the safest way to do this is through the phone settings, tk. just swiping from recent apps doesn't work on all devices.


5. We are looking for a modified plug-in for your device on the Internet. Sometimes they are uploaded as only the main.bundle executable file (not the most reliable option), and sometimes as a complete ZIP archive. The project site contains exactly the full archives, the names of which correspond to the plug-in identifiers. The replacement method will differ slightly depending on the selected option (file or archive).


6. If you have Android version 9 and below, then further operations should be performed along the following path:

/ INTERNAL_MEMORY/Android/data/com.xiaomi.smarthome/files/plugin/install/rn/Plugin_ID/XXXXXXX/android/

If you have Android 10+ (and you did not skip the first step of the instruction), then the path will be like this:

/ INTERNAL_MEMORY / vevs / files / plugin / install / rn / PLUGIN_ID / XXXXXXX / android /

Here PLUGIN_ID are the numbers obtained in step 3 of the instruction; and XXXXXXX is a set of numbers corresponding to the currently installed plug-in version; it does not matter for the replacement process.


7. If you downloaded the plugin as an archive, then delete the contents of the android folder along the path specified above (do not touch the files model_list.json and conf.json at the higher level!), And unpack the contents of the folder of the same name from the archive there. If you downloaded only the main.bundle file, then just copy it and replace it along the path indicated above.


8. Completely stop Mi Home, the safest way to do this is through the phone settings. just swiping from recent apps doesn't work on all devices.